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Dr. Mark Harbinson

Dr Mark Harbinson, NICHS

About Dr Mark Harbinson…

Dr Mark Harbinson is a currently a Consultant Cardiologist, Belfast HSC Trust and a Senior Lecturer, Queen’s University Belfast. His main research is focused on diagnostics and heart failure. In the laboratory he is investigating the potential toxic effects of chemotherapy and other drugs on human cardiac myocytes in a model of drug induced heart failure. Within the clinical area he has projects investigating various aspects of heart failure and coronary disease using cardiac magnetic resonance, nuclear and echocardiographic imaging, and is linking these to biomarkers of cardiac disease.

Mark is currently Associate Director of the Centre for Medical Education at QUB with responsibility for student affairs and portfolios. He teaches clinical skills in the core medical curriculum, is joint coordinator of the Student Selected Component on heart failure, and teaches various other parts of the undergraduate medical and biomedical science courses around cardiovascular pharmacology. He recently graduated with MMedSci in medical education.