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Who is Well Coach For?

Well Coach is a follow up to Well You for those who require a little extra support to make their lifestyle changes – be it losing a little bit of weight, stop smoking or just feel healthier.

Why Well Coach?

Businesses, imagine your healthy, happy and productive workforce who not only feel valued by you but who feel like they have the tools, strength and power at their finger tips to improve their own health.

So not only will you cut the number of sick days but you will increase your staff’s productivity, motivation levels and health and well being. For the individual themselves, they will grow in confidence and develop their skills, strengths and resilience’s which can be transferred to everyday and work situations.

Did you know that in Northern Ireland that:


Northern Ireland Health Survey 2014/15

So if we all know that there is something we could be doing to be healthier, why aren’t we doing it?  It is often very simple it is because we either do not know where to start or we don’t really believe we can make that change.  We often hear it is, “It is too difficult”, “it is so confusing” or “I could never manage that”.  Well Coach cuts through these beliefs and helps individuals discover a strategy to succeed that works for them.

What is Well Coach?

Well Coach for businesses comprises of a maximum of four group hour long solution focused brief intervention coaching (SFBIC) sessions. The Well Coach will act as the groups guide to set goals, discover their strengths and resilience which will help develop strategies that the participants can use to achieve their positive lifestyle changes.

How to take part in Well Coach?

What if your workforce could take the first step towards a brighter healthier future, sound good?  Please complete the Registration of Interest Form or for further information contact our workplace health promotion team via email: healthpromotion@nichs.org.uk or telephone; 028 90320 184.