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Well You

Who is Well You for?

Well You is for any business looking to improve their employees’ health and wellbeing, which in turn will create a safe environment, reducing costs associated with sick leave, accidents and productivity losses as well as boosting positive moral.

Why get involved in Well You?

Are you looking for a long-term wellbeing support plan for your employees? Then Well You is for you. The programme builds upon information within our Well Check and Well Talk services as it is designed to empower and motivate individuals to make those lifestyle changes which they may be struggling with. This will help reduce the risk of chest, heart and stroke illnesses but most importantly, improve individuals’ health.

Did you know that in Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland Health Survey 2014/15

Now that you know that so many individuals, including your employees want to take part in activities to improve their overall health and wellbeing, why not sign up to our Well You programme. It provides information relating to all the issues above plus much, much more.

What is involved in Well You?

Well You is a 12 week programme covering topics such as tips on how to become physically active, weight management and dealing with stress through weekly support emails. They also include information on chest, heart and stroke illnesses and involve challenges and tasks to support individuals achieving their goals. To monitor their progress, each individual will receive a Well Check at week 1 and week 12. For more information on what’s involved in our Well Check visit www.nichs.org.uk/wellcheck. Additional opportunities in the form of Well Talks, Well Mind or Sweat The Small Things is also offered at week 6 to provide individuals with extra encouragement and support in a group setting.

Once your organisation has completed the 12 week programme, you will receive a report showing an overview of the great lifestyle changes and improvements to their health that your employees have made through participating in this new exciting programme. If your employees would like to progress further in achieving their goals, they can receive additional one-to-one support and motivation through our Well Coach Programme. For more information on Well Coach visit: www.nichs.org.uk/wellcoach

How to take part in Well You?

Sounds like a programme you would be interested in? Is your business in need of a more structured, long-term health programme? Please complete the Registration of Interest Form or for further information contact our workplace health promotion team via email: hwilliamson@nichs.org.uk or telephone; 028 90320 184.

What our clients say:

Teresa Dorrian from the Executive Office at Stormont

‘I would like to thank Northern Ireland Chest, Heart and Stroke for giving us the opportunity to take part in the 12-week Well You Programme for staff.  Feedback from staff has been extremely positive.  The program encouraged our employees to make healthy lifestyle choices over the 12 weeks with amazing results!  The program was very well organised and staff felt very comfortable throughout the program – the weekly motivational emails were especially appreciated.  As a result of the Well You Programme, we have a significant number of staff much healthier today!’

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