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Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke
Well Mind

Who Is Well Mind For?

Well Mind is for staff and/or managers in any industry who have an interest in stress management and the tools and techniques that can help people reduce the impact of stress on their lives both in and out of work.

Why Well Mind?

Stress is on the increase and is one of the leading causes of sickness in the workplace. While some pressure can be good for us as it can help us get things done, excessive pressure over a long period of time can make us ill. Too much stress can also make us less productive so learning how to manage pressures and stresses is essential for our work life as work is important. Work helps us maintain self-esteem and our identity which is very important in promoting mental wellbeing.

Extended periods of stress can also lead to a wide range of health related problems such as high blood pressure and increased risk of blood clots. These are worsened by the ways that we choose to cope with stress, such as smoking, alcohol or comfort eating, which make us even more at risk of illnesses such as heart disease or stroke.  Well Mind looks at other ways to cope and helps people discover what coping strategies work best for them.

Through engaging with Well Mind, individuals will feel more confident through managing their stresses and employers will see a reduction in the number of days lost through stress related illness. A happy, healthy and productive workforce will feel valued by their employers.

What is Well Mind?

This is normally delivered as a one day programme but can be delivered over two half day sessions on request. Well Mind provides an understanding of stress and the management of its triggers. Participants discover how to make positive changes such as becoming more calm, focused and resilient through a range of techniques and tools. Through these processes the session also promotes greater self-care though better sleep and good mood foods, “me time” and relaxation techniques.

How to take part in Well Mind?

If your workforce could benefit from this unique programme which focuses on well mind, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please complete the Registration of Interest Form or for further information contact our workplace health promotion team via email: healthpromotion@nichs.org.uk or telephone; 028 9032 0184.

What our clients say:

“The Well Mind course was highly enjoyable and informative. The breadth of subjects covered was extensive and the trainers Alan and Amy had a wealth of knowledge to share. I would fully recommend this course to anyone to help them become more informed about improving their mental health and accessing the relevant tools and techniques.” – Joanne

“Well Mind is an insightful and practical programme that looks at mindfulness, emotional intelligence and more positive ways of using stress. Techniques such as non-reactive awareness and squared breathing are very useful and can be easily applied and beneficial in everyday life.” – Michael