16th February 2017
Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke
Well Check


What are Well Checks?

Well Checks are high quality health checks which last 20-30 mins. Well Checks provide people with the knowledge of their cardiovascular (diseases that affect the heart & blood vessels) risk factors.  Identifying these risk factors will enable people to make manageable lifestyle changes so they can live longer, happier and healthier lives.

Our Well Checks are similar to the NHS health check and include the following:










Who are Well Checks for?

NICHS MOT health checks are for people who want to receive a snapshot of their overall health and wellbeing.   Snapshots can be for individuals or organisations keen to improve employee health and wellbeing.

How to take part in Well Checks:

Personal Well Checks – Book your Well Check online here. To redeem your Well Check Plus voucher please contact us at 028 90320 184 or healthpromotion@nichs.org.uk.

Workplace Well Checks – Please complete the Registration of Interest Form or for further information on our private health checks contact our workplace health promotion team via email: slynch@nichs.org.uk or telephone; 028 90320 184.


Personal Well Check Dates

Location Date
Belfast Friday 11th January
Coleraine Wednesday 30th January (Afternoon Appointments Only)
Coleraine Thursday 31st January
Belfast Friday 1st February
Armagh Tuesday 26th/Wednesday 27th January
Belfast Friday 1st March
Belfast Friday 5th April


Please contact us to discuss dates for Well Check in the workplace.

What our clients say:

South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust choose health checks for their staff provided by Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke because the service is reliable, personable and so accommodating of a busy health service environment. We want to help our Staff to help themselves, so a health check is an opportunity to help identify potential risk factors for future poor health and areas to focus on in order to improve wellbeing. Our employees are our most important asset, so it makes sense to do what can be done to detect illness, where possible, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Health screening (lifestyle assessment) offers benefits both for the organisation and the individual.

Click here to read how James, a young family man, benefited from our Well Check.


We have received excellent feedback on our Well Check service;

“This was very informative and will help motivate me to a healthier lifestyle.”

“Great getting all the info as a measure of where I am at and how I could improve.”

“Very valuable service. Information provided is particularly useful and relevant.”

“The health check was superb and a real wake up call. I will be returning for a follow-up in the hope that things will have improved. It’s a great service to provide and very valuable tool for monitoring health!”

“The staff member who completed my health check was excellent not only at explaining the information clearly but also very understanding when listening to me.  She was so good I have booked to come back again based on my experience today”.