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Get Baking

Whether you’re a budding baker, a seasoned pro or something in-between, you can put your skills to good use by baking buns, biscuits or cakes to raise funds for our COVID-19 Recovery Service.

Our ‘Get Baking’ challenge is all about baking and then selling delicious home-baked treats and you can do this any way you want. Choose your favourite recipes or try something new. Sell to friends and family or make up treat boxes for your neighbours and others in the community.

There are currently 342,203 people living with chest, heart and stroke conditions in Northern Ireland and these people are more vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. With your help in the kitchen, we can provide a vital service that will help these and any other people who recover from the virus with ongoing care and support as they recuperate.

Here’s how to take part in 10 simple steps:

  • Choose your favourite recipes.
  • Decide which and how many baked goods to include in each treat box.
  • Don’t forget the price and the turnaround time for deliveries.
  • Choose your payment method. The easiest way is to set up an online fundraising page through our website and display the link on your flyer, or you can collect the cash/cheque on delivery and we’ll let you know how best to get this to us.
  • Create flyers to encourage people to place orders with you. They don’t need to be fancy or formal and Canva is a simple online tool which has templates you can use for free.
  • Advise your neighbours that they can place orders via phone, message or email and include your contact details on any flyers you make.
  • Pop your flyers into your neighbours’ post boxes and wait for the orders to flood in!
  • Collate your orders and start baking.
  • Deliver your treat boxes and ensure you’ve collected all your takings.
  • Using our ‘How to pay your money in’ guide, select the most convenient way to pay.
  • Health & Safety

    The good news is that the Covid-19 virus cannot be spread via food but please remember to wash your hands before preparation and wear gloves and a face mask for the duration of your prep and packaging.

    Check out the Food Standards Agency website for more information about how to bake safely.

    Beggs 10

    Meet Marjorie Beggs

    Marjorie has a special reason for supporting us and taking on Challenge 335 – Get Baking. She worked for the organisation for over 10 years as an Advice Nurse and has seen first-hand the impact the charity has on the lives of people living with lifelong conditions.

    Marjorie is a very keen baker and loves making sweet treats with her grandson. When deciding to take on Challenge 335 the only thing she was worried about was how and to whom she would sell her buns and biscuits to. She decided to follow the advice on our website and make treat boxes for family, friends and neighbours.

    Click here to see Marjorie’s Get Baking plan.

    Fundraising materials

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