Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke
Joan’s Story

Joan, from Coleraine, went to her GP to have her blood pressure and cholesterol checked, because her daughter who works for NICHS, had made her more aware of it. Her Cholesterol was too high so the GP gave her medication. Joan then turned to the charity for further advice. They suggested regular exercise.

Joan explains: “I taught PE and Human Biology so I know how important exercise is. This is a wake up-call. I don’t want to become ill, not only for myself, but also because I don’t want to upset my family and cause them pain. I now treat the 150 minutes of physical activity per week as part of my medication. I won’t lie – sometimes it is a chore. But I try to get 30 minutes brisk walking done five mornings per week. It has worked! As a result of my medication and exercise, my cholesterol is now at an acceptable level.”.