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Millennium Volunteers Award

Are you 14–25 (up until your 25th birthday), currently volunteering or would like to start and possibly receive a recognised award for your work? Then the Millennium Volunteers (MV) Awards Programme may be for you.
You can volunteer for NICHS and after the completing the required hours of volunteering (see below), receive a nationally recognised certificate, which is a plus point on any university or job application. Please note if aged between 14 and 16 volunteers will be required to have a responsible adult/parent/guardian to supervise them during their volunteer activity due to child protection issues.

MV Challenge: If a young person takes part in a one off volunteering opportunity then this certificate recognises their involvement and hopefully encourages them to become more involved.

MV 10: solely for young people (14-25 years) who face difficulties and personal challenges in becoming involved in regular activity. This Award gives young people the opportunity to gain recognition for their involvement and has a special record sheet.

MV50: This Award recognises the young person’s commitment for their first 50 hours of volunteering. They must be aged between 14 and 25 years. The young person receives a bronze pin with this Award.

MV100: The young person starts at 51 hours and gains recognition when they reach 100 hours of commitment. The young person receives a silver pin with this Award.

MV200: This is the Award of Excellence and recognises young people for 200 hours of commitment. This is the highest accolade they can receive for their hourly commitment.

MV Ultimate: Organisations can nominate young people for this Award and is there to recognise young people who have already gained their 200 Hour Award and who can demonstrate that they are outstanding in some way meriting this achievement

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