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Professor Alison Gallagher

Alison Gallagher NICHS Researcher

About Professor Alison Gallagher…

Professor Alison Gallagher has been appointed as the new Head of Doctoral College (Coleraine/Magee) at Ulster University.

She holds a BSc Hons Human Nutrition (1992) and PhD (1996) from Ulster University, having worked as Research Fellow at University of Strathclyde before working as the Postdoctoral lead on the NI Young Hearts Project. This was a longitudinal study of risk factors for health and disease from early life through to young adulthood. Following this she took up an academic position at Ulster University in 1999. Here she was promoted in 2007 to Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and subsequently to Professor of Public Health Nutrition in 2014.

As a Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) since 2001, she was the first Fellow of the Association of Nutrition (FAfN) in Ireland (2013). She has been an active member of the Nutrition Society for over 25 years. She has been Trustee/Honorary Programmes Secretary with the Nutrition Society and she currently Chairs the Scientific Committee. Alison is tasked with bringing together the scientific programme for the Federation of Nutritional Sciences (FENS) 13th European Nutrition Conference which is to be held at CDC, Dublin, October 2019. She is also a passionate advocate for the European Nutrition Leadership Platform (ENLP,). Alison participated in the ENLP seminar in 1997 and was  involved with this international leadership programme ever since. She is currently Chair/President of the ENLP Board (

From being an active researcher with over 75 peer-reviewed publications, she continues to contribute to the research conducted within the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health at Ulster University. Her current research interests resonates within the area of obesity and include development of risk factors for disease, low-energy sweeteners and their potential impact on health, physical activity and health (including implementation of lifestyle interventions at key stages across the lifecycle).