Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke
Respiratory Research

Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke is currently funding almost half a million pounds towards respiratory research in Northern Ireland. The recipients of this funding can be seen below.

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Professor Judy BradleyProfessor Judy Bradley has been awarded £72,156 to to find about current airways clearance treatments in adults with bronchiectasis in Northern Ireland

These results will tell Professor Bradley and her team about current practice and provide more evidence to support airway clearance treatments in bronchiectasis. They hope these results will inform a bigger survey Europe wide and a study to improve service delivery for people with bronchiectasis.

Dr Damian Downey

Dr Damian Downey has been awarded £60,897 to help design better tests to diagnose and monitor community-acquired pneumonia. The results from this study will help to ensure patients are on the right treatment for them and hopefully help reduce antibiotic resistance in the future.

Dr Murali Shyamsundar has been awarded £40,490 to research the pulmonary and systemic effects of hyperoxia (a state in which oxygen supply is excessive and can be harmful).

Dr Shyamsundar hopes that this project will have a significant impact on clinical oxygen use.

Dr Bettina Schock

Dr Bettina Schock was allocated £68,500 to analyse samples from airway cells in children with and without asthma to test the effectiveness of drugs, potentially leading to new treatments.

Dr Schock was also allocated £56,078 to examine how gut bacteria and the immune system develop in infants with chronic lung disease, including cystic fibrosis (CF).

Dr Liz Simpson

Dr Liz Simpson was allocated £116,453 to examine e-cigarette use within NI. This two-stage study employs the theory of Planned Behaviour (theory-driven research) and will provide a better understanding of the personal and social factors influencing e-cigarette use.

Professor Frank Kee received £50,000 towards the Northern Ireland element of a UK-wide research project that will examine the effectiveness of offering financial vouchers to pregnant smokers as incentives to engage with smoking cessation services and quit during and after pregnancy. The local Public Health Agency and Cancer Research UK are also funding this research.

Current Respiratory Research Funded by Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke


Recipient Research Project Amount Awarded
Professor Judy Bradley Airways Clearance Treatment in Adults with Bronchiectasis £72,156
Dr Damian Downey Designing Better Tests to Diagnose and Monitor Community-Acquired Pneumonia £60,897
Dr Murali Shyamsundar Pulmonary and Systemic Effects of Hyperoxia £40,490
Dr Bettina Schock Asthma Inflammation and Drug Repositioning £77,466
Dr Bettina Schock Mircobiome in Chronic Airway Disease Infants £56,078
Dr Liz Simpson E-cigarette Attitudes £116.453
Professor Frank Kee RCT Smoking in Pregnant Women £50,000
  Total Awarded £473,540