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Gifts in Wills

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When you make a Will, you leave a legacy of care for your loved ones. A gift in your will to NICHS will also leave a legacy of hope for generations to come.

In Northern Ireland almost half of all adult deaths are caused by chest, heart or stroke illnesses.  NICHS is working to change this through funding research and other health promotion and prevention initiatives, whilst caring for those who are affected by devastating health conditions every day.

What a Gift in your Will could achieve Types of Gifts you can leave in your Will
Why you should make a Will Inheritance Tax and Gifts in your Wills to Charity
How to make a Will Useful wording to use in your Will
Charity Details How a Gift in your Will can help

What a Gift in your Will could achieve

We are hugely grateful for all the gifts in Wills we receive at NICHS. In fact, annually nearly one third of our funding comes from the generosity of such gifts left by people who not only take care of their immediate loved ones, but future generations.

Each year our Medical Research Programme funds a wide range of research in Northern Ireland’s top universities and hospitals, directly benefiting local people, but also influencing global knowledge and progress towards the end of chest, heart and stroke illnesses.

In addition, a gift left to NICHS in your Will could be invested in critical local research that will change the future for families at risk from our biggest killers.

Read what Professor Liam Heaney, Clinical Professor at the School of Medicine, Queens University Belfast has to say about how NICHS’s Medical Research Fund has helped his research:

“NICHS has been a great support to both my clinical and basic science research programmes in asthma. This work has led to changes in clinical management guidelines and acted as a catalyst to commission specialist services in the UK for severe asthma. It has also led to the establishment of a UK Multi-centre National Clinical Severe Asthma Network and Patient Registry helping to get the most out of clinical assessment and ensure proper management of patients’ asthma and non-asthma related conditions.”

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Why you should make a Will

Making a Will ensures your loved ones are provided for as you intended and your wishes are respected after you have passed away. Moreover, if you die without leaving a Will, called intestacy, sorting out your affairs can be very complicated, it can also take a long time especially if your estate is complex. It may also mean that the people and causes you care about may not be remembered in the way you would like.

How to make a Will

  • Seek professional advice and use a solicitor, or financial expert to write your Will for you.
  • To make a Will, you must be 18 years old or over, be of sound mind, make your Will without pressure from another person, put it in writing and have it signed in the presence of two witnesses.
  • You will need to decide on one or two people to be responsible for sorting out your estate.  They will be your executors and can be a relative, friend, bank official, solicitor or accountant.
  • You must make a list of your assets and of your debts and give this to your Will writer.
  • Decide who you would like to benefit from your estate.  This maybe family, friends and/or charitable organisations whom you support.
  • You can change an existing Will by adding a Codicil Form, or legal statement of intent to your Will.  A Codicil is useful if you only want to make small changes to your Will, such as adding in a new beneficiary.  You can download NICHS’s Codicil or request one from Alison Vidamour on 02890 266 706. Please ensure you give your completed Codicil form to your solicitor or Will maker, to store with your Will.
  • Store your Will safely this can be at home, with your solicitor, your bank or at the Probate Offices in Belfast or Londonderry.

Charity Details

If you decide to leave a gift to charity, please make sure to have the correct charity name and address details.  Also, including a charity number is good practice, in case a charity merges or changes its name. NICHS’s general contact details are:

NICHS, 21 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HB.

Telephone: 028 90 320184,  Email:

Charity No: NIC 103593; Company No: NI 18889 A Charity Limited by Guarantee

Please note that we have a new charity number (above). Our previous one was XN47338. The new Charity Commission for Northern Ireland has issued new numbers.

Types of Gift you can leave in your Will

There are three main ways that you can support Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke’s work with a gift in your Will.

A residuary gift: when you leave all or a share of your estate, once all other commitments and wishes have been fulfilled.

A pecuniary gift: when you gift an exact amount of money specified in your Will.

A specific gift: such as property, jewellery, or any other items of worth.

IHT – Inheritance Tax and Gifts in Wills to Charity

Giving a gift in your Will to NICHS could reduce your IHT liability if your estate is in excess of £350,000.  In fact, gifts to charity are 100% tax free and are taken out of your estate before IHT is calculated.  Currently, if you leave 10% of your net estate to charity it will reduce the tax you pay from 40% to 36%.  Under current law, by leaving 10% of your net estate to charity will reduce the overall rate of Inheritance Tax you pay from 40% to 36%.

Useful Wording 

If you would like to leave a gift to NICHS in your Will, we suggest the following wording that can be used or amended by your Will writer.

“I bequeath to the Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke the sum of £….. or,  all/part* of the residue of my estate, to be applied to general purposes/or insert area of NICHS’s work and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer, or Legacy Officer shall be sufficient discharge to my Executors.

How a gift in your Will can help

We’ve pulled together the list below to give you an idea of the benefits and difference to others that a gift in your Will could make.

  • £100  Pays for 100 blood pressure measurements.
  • £250  Enables a Family Support Co–ordinator to provide every possible source of support to a chest, heart or stroke survivor on their road to recovery.
  • £500  Provides 10 activity sessions at one of our 22 NICHS Stroke Schemes providing support, exercise and enjoyment to a person whose life has been devastated by stroke.
  • £3,000  Supports 12 people affected by a devastating chest, heart or stroke condition to attend our Self Management Programme that helps them take control, regain confidence and rebuild their lives.
  • £10,000  Provides a broad range of vital information for carers and families, helping them to cope with the problems of chest, heart and stroke illnesses and how best to prevent a recurrence.
  • £30,000  Funds an entire research project into chest, heart or stroke illness at a Northern Ireland based university or hospital. Such research often helps to improve diagnoses, produce more effective treatments and supports disease prevention.