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Support Us This Christmas

Be a local hero and help local hearts this Christmas. 

Support us this Christmas by joining our Heart Campaign and help us to raise vital funds to support local people living with heart disease.

How to be a local hero

This Christmas, we’re encouraging people across Northern Ireland to help us raise funds for our Heart Campaign.

From hosting your own festive fundraiser to taking part in our Santa Skydive; from donating to our Christmas ‘Heart Strong’ Appeal to volunteering your time in one of our Christmas street collections, there are lots of ways that you can be a local hero and support local hearts. Here are some ideas:
Be a local hero and…

DONATE to our

Christmas Appeal

Make a difference this Christmas to the thousands of people living with heart disease by donating to our Christmas Appeal.

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Organise your own Christmas themed fundraiser or event.

Download our Festive Fundraising Guide

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Our annual Christmas street collections are fast-approaching, and we are looking for as many friendly and enthusiastic volunteers as possible to take to the streets and help us raise vital funds to support our Christmas Heart Strong appeal this year.

Our street collections:

Coleraine – Friday 29th November 9am – 6pm

Belfast City Centre– Tuesday 17th December 8am-6pm

Great Victoria Street Station– Tuesday 17th December 4pm-6pm

Lanyon Place Station – Tuesday 17th December 4pm – 6pm


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Our Christmas Heart Campaign

The appeal will fund ground-breaking local research into the early detection of heart disease and will also fund a new Heart Health and recovery service based right here in Northern Ireland which will help take away the fear of living with heart disease and enable people to live their lives to the very fullest.

But we can only provide this new life-changing heart service and research with your help. By giving an hour or two of your time, you can help us raise these funds to help support the 74,000 people living with heart disease in Northern Ireland.

Please contact Ali Rodgers on

How supporting our Heart Strong campaign will make a difference this Christmas 

All the funds we raise over the Christmas period will help fund two Heart Projects

Leading the fight against heart disease through funding local Heart Research 

We are funding ground-breaking research which aims to develop a simple eye test that detects heart disease.

Ultimately, the research team aims for the test to be used widely amongst High Street opticians, once thoroughly trialled, and could also be developed into an ‘at home test’ which anyone could use on their mobile phones in the future.

New Heart Strong pilot programme.

We are developing ‘Heart Strong’, a new Heart Health and Recovery programme, designed to improve the quality of life of people living with heart disease.

Rowley, pictured left with his wife Brenda, says “When the doctors told me I had heart failure, I thought my heath would just start deteriorating bit by bit.”

We are currently working with patients, carers and health professionals to develop new services for people with heart conditions which will support them to grow beyond their current abilities, fitness levels, confidence and self-belief.

How can your donation help?

£5 could pay for:

    • Basic testing kits for our heart research
    • Support literature for someone living with a heart condition

£25 could pay for:

    • Imaging software required for our heart research
    • One of our support co-ordinators to visit an individual living with heart disease to assess them for Heart Strong

£50 could pay for:

    • Two hours of a clinical researcher working on our heart research
    • One person living with a heart condition to attend Heart Strong for a week

Thank you for being a local hero and helping local hearts this Christmas.