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Millenium Volunteers Award

Are you 16–24, currently volunteering or would like to start but would like to receive a recognised award for your work? Then the Millennium Volunteers Awards Programme may be for you.
You can volunteer for NICHS and after 200 hours of volunteering, receive a nationally recognised certificate, which is a plus point on any university or job application.
What is it?
Millennium Volunteers is a UK wide initiative offering young people aged 16 –24 opportunities to help themselves and their communities, promoting the concept of young people as volunteers. It aims to:

  • Attract young people currently involved in volunteering and those who have never previously volunteered.
  • Provide support and structure for those who are active within their community in an informal way.
  • Offer recognition and the option of accreditation for voluntary work undertaken.
  • Create new opportunities for voluntary activity.

How do you get a Millennium Volunteers Award of Excellence?
Each Volunteer agrees a volunteer placement and completes a volunteer plan explaining what they hope to do within their placement with a target of 200 hours commitment to volunteering.
On completion of 200 hours the volunteer will receive a Millennium Volunteers Award which is in the form of a nationally recognised certificate.
For those who are unable to complete 200 hours, recognition will take the form of a certificate after 100 hours and a personal profile.

If you are interested, require more information or a chat about volunteering then please send an email with details of the role/s you are interested in to; Anne Norrie Head of Volunteering at  or phone Anne on direct line 028 9026 6707.