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Kevin’s StoryKevin

In the middle of July 2014, Kevin Carlin started experiencing the worst heartburn he’d ever had. It lasted from Wednesday through to Friday and was so severe he was bent double at his desk.

By Friday Kevin was feeling a bit better but what he didn’t know was that the clot that had caused the heart pain was slowly moving from his heart to his brain.

On Saturday, when Kevin was at work, he suddenly lost the ability to speak and his face started drooping on one side. He was still able to walk so he quickly went over to his boss and tried to explain that something was wrong. His boss immediately phoned an ambulance and in no time Kevin was in Altnagelvin Hospital being treated for a STROKE.

When the results of the blood tests came back, they showed that he had not only had a stroke – Kevin’s indigestion had actually been a HEART ATTACK. That is what the pain had been, not heartburn!

Thankfully Kevin made a complete recovery from his stroke. He also had one stent put in to open his artery and help prevent another heart attack. Now he is fit and healthy, and doing everything he can to ensure it will never happen again.

Kevin was lucky that he survived his heart attack. There are 12 heart attacks every day in Northern Ireland with three people sadly dying.


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