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Charity welcomes sugar tax

22 Mar 2016

A leading health charity has welcomed Chancellor George Osborne’s announcement of a sugar tax in 2018, a major step in the right direction to tackle the rising levels of obesity in Northern Ireland.

“We are delighted that the Chancellor has introduced this sugar tax but this tax must be part of a wider plan to tackle obesity and the £10 million raised must be used to promote physical activity in schools”

Neil Johnston, Public Affairs Adviser for NICHS said “We would call on all political parties in NI to promise to use NI share of this tax, which could be over £10m a year and this is used to promote physical activity in schools”

“We want assurance that the revenue generated from this sugar tax in NI is ring – fenced and invested in further health promotion and prevention work, in particular used to fund more physical activity opportunities for young people in schools”