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Improving Asthma Care

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Asthma can kill and that is a sad reality. More action is required to raise awareness of asthma impact and to make sure children, young people and adults take their asthma medicine as prescribed and have regular asthma checks.

NICHS established and is leading a local Asthma Taskforce consisting of clinicians, public health colleagues and community representatives.

Our aim is to raise awareness of Asthma and to reduce the burden of asthma amongst young people.

We are campaigning and carrying out the following:

  • Increased education and awareness for primary and secondary healthcare professionals, primarily aimed at improving care for children with asthma
  • Raising awareness of asthma education and practice within schools and community to support and educate young people with asthma
  • Improved asthma care in Northern Ireland, placing it higher on the health agenda and significantly improve care for asthma sufferers in Northern Ireland and prevent new cases
  • Raise awareness and call for more action to reduce air pollution and other environmental factors that contribute to asthma