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1 in 2 heart attacks & strokes are linked to high blood pressure.

Check your blood pressure
to know your numbers.

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£10 will help pay for a life-changing visit from a NICHS Family Support Co-ordinator following a respiratory diagnosis, or after a heart attack or stroke.
£15 will help pay for a Care Co-ordinator to deliver a PREP Stroke Rehab session - helping stroke survivors rebuild their lives.
£25 will help pay for a neuro/physiotherapist to teach exercises to help improve flexibility, balance, mobility as well as strength and stamina.
£50 will help pay for a clinical researcher’s time, working to advance how we prevent, treat and care for chest, heart and stroke illnesses.

Choose your own donation amount

How much would you like to give?

£5 will help pay for a neuro-physio to attend our PREP rehab programme, supporting stroke survivors regain mobility, independence and confidence.
£10 will help pay for a home visit from our Family Support Co-ordinators in the aftermath of a devastating diagnosis.
£20 will help fund a researcher for a full day, working to advance how we prevent, treat and care for chest, heart and stroke illnesses.

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Latest News


“Finding out how high my blood pressure was could have saved my life”- Justine urges public to check blood pressure on World Hypertension Day

Justine Daly was not concerned about her health but that all changed in an instant when she was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure and told she needed to seek immediate medical advice. Justine is sharing her story on World Hypertension Day (17th May) in support of the charity’s current blood pressure awareness campaign.


Rachel puts her best foot forward to walk 100 miles for charity after having a heart attack at just 24

Rachel West from Newtownbutler decided to take on the challenge of walking 100 miles to raise vital funds for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke. What makes the challenge even more amazing is the fact that one year ago Rachel had a heart attack- at just 24 years old.


Massive increase in private healthcare a ‘damning indictment’

Leading local health charity, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS), has called figures showing a large surge in people seeking private healthcare a ‘damning indictment’ on the leadership of the NHS in Northern Ireland.   


Ask the Expert: Pharmacist Cliff McElhinney on the Importance of Blood Pressure Medication

Cliff McElhinney, Pharmacist at Urban Pharmacy in Belfast, is supporting our blood pressure awareness campaign. Here, he answers your top questions and highlights the key role medication plays in managing high blood pressure.


Ask the Expert: Dietician Vanessa McMinn on Lowering Your Blood Pressure Through Diet

Your diet can have a big impact on your blood pressure levels. Here, Vanessa McMinn, SHSCT Public Health Dietitian, who is supporting our blood pressure campaign answers your top questions about the important relationship between diet and blood pressure.