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Post-Primary Schools

Promoting healthier lifestyles for young people

Secondary School 1

Well Talks and Webinars

Designed to be interesting and engaging, our Well Talks/Webinars last for 30 minutes and are suitable for post-primary schools and for both pupils and teachers/staff, either in an assembly, a classroom setting or accessed at home at a time that suits them. Well webinars can be delivered live or accessed online

  • Our In-person Well Talks or online Well Webinars can be delivered live or accessed online covering a variety of topics, which can be adapted according to a school’s specific needs. These include:

    Healthy Lifestyle topics

    • Healthy eating
    • Physical activity
    • Alcohol
    • Smoking/E-cigarettes
    • Sleep
    • Stress

    Knowing the signs and symptoms of serious illness so you can take early action for yourself and others:

    • Chest
    • Heart
    • Stroke

    Clinical risk factors linked to serious illness that are influenced by your lifestyle:

    • Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
    • Blood Pressure (BP)
    • Cholesterol