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Protecting children from vaping must be Assembly priority

22 May 2024

Leading local health charity, Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS), has appealed to the Assembly to explore how it can do more to protect children from smoking and vaping. 

Speaking on the day that the Assembly was voting to endorse the application of the Tobacco and Vaping Bill, Eugene Reid, Policy and Engagement Officer at NICHS, stated;

“We welcome this Bill which will raise the age of sale for tobacco and to restrict the use of vape flavours and marketing in colours that are designed to appeal to children.” 

“The Assembly could go further to protect our children from the risks of becoming addicted to vaping. NICHS believes that retailers should be required to register with their local council if they wish to sell vapes.” 

“Retailers selling tobacco have to register with their council and therefore the council knows which retailers to inspect to ensure the laws and regulations are observed.” 

“Currently with vapes it is a free for all. Anyone who wishes to sell vapes can do so and therefore council enforcement officers are at a disadvantage.” 

“We are calling on Robin Swann, the Health Minister to bring forward legislation as in the Autumn requiring vape retailers to register with their council.”