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Smoking And Vaping An Election Issue

26 Jun 2024

Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke (NICHS) has challenged all the candidates standing in the General Election to make it clear where they stand on restrictions on tobacco and vaping.

Neil Johnston from NICHS commented; “The Tobacco and Vaping Bill was a radical measure which would have made it an offence to sell tobacco products to anyone born after 1 January 2009 and would have restricted the flavours and colours which could be used to promote vapes.”

“The General Election was called before the Bill was passed but both Labour and the Conservatives have pledged to bring forward a similar Bill.”

“With dangers posed by smoking well known and the surge in people, especially children, taking up vaping it is important that people in Northern Ireland know where all the candidates stand on this important legislation.”

“We are writing to all the 136 candidates standing in the 18 constituencies in Northern Ireland asking them to make their position clear. Do you support the measures in the Tobacco and Vaping Bill or not?”