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Team Donzo

Created by Helen Donnelly
£70 raised of £100 goal + £11.25 Gift Aid
Date: 21/02/21 - 21/02/21
Target: £100
Location: Magherafelt


I am participating in the Red Dress Run to help raise funds for NICHS, a fantastic local charity helping so many people in our local communities. My Dad had a heart attack in 2010 so this charity is close to my own heart. The last year has been so difficult for charitable orgs as events have been cancelled and fundraising has ground to a halt. If there’s ever a time to get involved it’s now so if you can spare a few quid that would be awesome and it’s greatly appreciated! X
£70.00 raised of £100 goal + £11.25 Gift Aid


6 Supporters

  • Kris
    Dae it!
  • Colleen
    £10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid
  • Chrissie
    £10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid
    Well done!!!
  • Nic
    £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
    Well done guys. Xx
  • Gerry Donnelly
    Well done.
  • Jackie
    £5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid
    Well done mrs x

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