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Una's Skip to the Beat & 10K

Created by Una McHugh
£125 raised of £100 goal + £17.5 Gift Aid
Date: 30/09/20 - 17/10/20
Target: £100
Location: Fermanagh


Working for NI Chest Heart and Stroke, I've seen first hand the charity's work and had the honour of meeting a number of the amazing people the charity helps, and of working alongside the teams who care for them, seeing how passionate, hard working and dedicated they are to helping. I wanted to do something small to try and give back and encourage others to as well, so I'll be taking on a 10K walk and the #SkiptotheBeat challenge in October. It's not much but for someone who hasn't skipped since they were in primary school and has probably scrolled 10K on my phone more often than I've walked it in lockdown it'll be a challenge enough!

I'm doing this because during COVID those people living with serious chest, heart and stroke conditions are the most at risk and for many of them NICHS is the only source of support they have with their condition, and through the isolation of lockdown and shielding. For some of them, the calls from our team are the only people they've spoken to at some points in the pandemic. The teams are working so hard to keep being there for people through this time, making over 20,000 phone calls to people in need and it's so admirable! Please get behind them, as the charity is 100% local, employing local people and helping local people, and without our support it couldn't be there. Thank you!
£125.00 raised of £100 goal + £17.5 Gift Aid


8 Supporters

  • Michael Steele
    £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
    Good job, best of luck!
  • Geraldine McHugh
  • Gillian Fraser
    £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
    Go Skippy!!!
  • Philomena McGoldrick
    This is a very worthy cause and close to my heart as my husband had a stroke also has heart condition also my dad died from a massive heart attack ♥️♥️ Well Done Una for supporting this
  • Mick Duffy
    £10.00 + £2.50 Gift Aid
  • Kerri Burke
    Well done Una, all for a great cause💛
  • Karen McHugh
    £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
    Well done Una!! 😊👏🏻 & all for a brilliant cause xx
  • Chloe Campbell
    You’re amazing Una! The hard work you do for NICHS is incredible. Congratulations on this fantastic fundraiser, you have all our support! Chloe x

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