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Stroke Support Groups 

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Our support groups are a great way to engage with people who are living in a similar situation to you. They also provide ongoing care and support in managing life after a stroke e.g. coping with a disability, loss of mobility and/or speech.

Through our network of Stroke Activity Groups, we’re still here delivering support to help local stroke survivors during COVID-19, adapting this service to include bespoke telephone and postal support. We also now offer online support groups, which meet regularly during the month.

Our groups provide:

  • A chance to connect with other people who are living with stroke
  • Practical information to help you deal with the impact of your stroke
  • A lifestyle programme to help you manage your risk from stroke
  • Specially adapted exercise programmes and relaxation techniques

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Alicia and Joe Stroke Activity Groups

From our first Friday Stroke meeting, Joe’s been going regular as clockwork ever since. It’s become the absolute highlight of Joe’s week; he looks forward to going out and seeing everyone there so much.


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