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PREP (Post Rehab Exercise/Education Programme)

PREP provides additional support for stroke survivors after statutory rehab. Aimed at helping you to rebuild your life and gain confidence following a stroke, PREP does this through a combination of education and physio-developed exercises.

Our six-week PREP programme is available across all of Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Trusts and covers the following topics:

    194 people were supported through PREP Online in 2020/21
    • What is a stroke?
    • The benefits of exercise
    • Emotions after stroke
    • Food for life
    • Lifestyle choices
    • Fatigue and falls
    • Signposting

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    Birol stroke

    PREP made a huge difference to me. It shortened the time I took to recover. At first I found the exercises very hard but now I can do them easily. After my two cycles of PREP I was walking without a stick.


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