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Support for Carers

Supporting people caring for someone with a Chest, Heart or Stroke Condition

90 carers were supported by our services for carers in 2020/21

If you live with someone who has had a stroke or heart attack or has been diagnosed with a chest or heart condition, then life will also have changed significantly for you, as well as for your family member. Not only are you adapting to life in the role as carer and the changes in the person you care for, you also have your own mental and physical health to consider.

At NICHS we’re committed to supporting everyone affected by chest, heart and stroke conditions, which is why we’ve developed a range of services aimed specifically at carers.

Family Support Service

Our Family Support Coordinators are here to help the whole family as you navigate life with chest, heart or stroke illness. We always take the time to listen and understand your particular set of circumstances, so we can offer the personalised advice and support that you need.

You will receive an initial phone call assessment or home visit ensuring that we can create the very best targeted care for you.

Our support includes:

  • Information and advice on living life with a chest, heart or stroke condition, or caring for someone with a condition.
  • A listening ear and emotional support
  • Signposting to other local services
  • A key point of contact for you and your family
  • Fast-track Referral to Advice Space for support with benefits
  • Support in liaising with your healthcare professionals

Contact our Support Services

Christine and Alan Support for Carers

They were the first person who talked to me who understood what was happening.

Our Services for Carers


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