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How to apply to our Research Grants Programme

Each year, we invite researchers from our local universities to apply to our research grants programme. Through this programme, we fund local researchers to carry out high quality research that delivers real benefits to people living with chest, heart, and stroke conditions.

    • The Principal Applicant must be a researcher who is located within Northern Ireland.
    • The Principal Applicant must demonstrate experience / interest in the fields of chest, heart and stroke illness.
    • Other members of your research team can be drawn from further afield, and do not need to be based in Northern Ireland.
    • We particularly welcome research teams that involve patients, carers, or members of the public (PPI), where relevant, as full members of their team.

    Successful applications:

    • must meet the criteria outlined in the guidance materials; and
    • will clearly fit with our Research Strategy and wider aims and values.

  • The application window for the 2022/23 round of NICHS Research Grants has opened on Monday 13th June 2022.

    Closing date: 4.00 pm, Friday 12th August 2022

    Click here to download your application pack

    The pack contains:

    1. Information about the grants process, how we choose which research we fund, and a summary of the programme
    2. An application form
    3. Guidance notes
    4. Monitoring form
    5. Decision making timeline
    6. Lay / Plain English Tips and resources
    7. Public & Patient Involvement (PPI) resources
    8. Our Strategic Plan and Research Strategy

    We also recommend that you refer to the following supporting materials from our recent Grants workshop.

    Prof Mike Clarke, Director of MRC Methodology Hub; Northern Ireland Clinical Trials Unit, has kindly agreed to assist with any queries you may have around research design / method relating to your application. You can contact Prof Clarke by email at

    We wish you the best of luck in your application!

  • We only fund the best quality, local research. We choose this through a rigorous peer review process, and all research is regularly monitored and assessed.

    Read more about how we choose the research we fund here.

Want to know more about our research programme?

Contact us   |   More about our Research     |    List of Live Research   |     Our Research Strategy


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