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JAM Card

JAM Card
JAM Card

We have teamed up with NOW Group to create a JAM Card for people with chest, heart and stroke conditions, kindly sponsored by Barclays.

The JAM (Just a Minute) Card lets you discreetly alert others to your condition and ask for extra time and patience if you need it when out and about, such as in a shop or on the bus.

Many people living with chest, heart and stroke conditions experience lasting effects such as difficulty communicating, memory loss, mobility and balance issues and breathlessness. These things can make going about your daily life more difficult.

The card says “Just a Minute” on one side and “Please be patient. I have a chest / heart / stroke condition” on the other side. You can use a permanent pen to cross out the conditions which don’t apply to you, if you like.

Order your NICHS JAM Card for FREE today!

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