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Mia fundraises in memory of her Nana Joan

01 Dec
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My name is Mia Forsythe and I am 11 years old. I am so excited that Christmas is nearly here, I’m sure you are too. Although I will be missing my Nana who passed away from a heart attack 4 years ago. Nobody knew Nana had any difficulties with her heart so it was a big shock for my whole family.

My Nana was called Joan and she was kind, sweet and thoughtful. She was great at cooking (especially at roast dinners) and she had an amazing personality. Once she threw a fashion show for my sisters and I - she dressed up in her best clothes and we put on her hats, shoes and scarves. It was so much fun!

Nana used to volunteer for Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke. She was a committee member at the Coleraine Support Group for a long time and helped raise thousands of pounds for the charity. With this money NICHS was able to help lots of people with chest, heart and stroke illnesses and give them hope for the future. I was inspired by my Nana and how she helped others and I have been fundraising for NICHS in her memory.

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My family and I went to the Merry May Day event in Holywood a few times and we really enjoyed it. There are always lots of great stalls there and it gave me the idea of having a stall to raise money for NICHS. My sisters and I donated lots of our books and toys to sell and some local businesses gave us items too. We also held a raffle. I really enjoyed organising the stall and it was a great day, with so many people buying things and donating money to NICHS. I was happy it would all help make a difference to other people.

When my friends at school found out I had been fundraising for the charity they wanted to help me, so we organised a fun run in Orangefield Park and asked our family and friends to sponsor us. It was fun and I was really happy my friends wanted to help me raise even more money for NICHS.

I have helped fundraise over £2380 for the charity and I am really proud of that- I know my Nana would be too. I hope NICHS can use this money to help lots of people and give them hope that things will get better. Maybe you might be able to do something like me and fundraise for the charity or maybe you could make a special Christmas donation?

I miss my Nana but I know she would be proud of me. I am really glad I have been able to help Northern Ireland Chest Heart & Stroke in her memory.