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Support for Heart Conditions

121 people benefitted from our Cardiac Support programmes in 2020/21

Supporting people living with heart conditions

At NICHS we understand that living with a heart condition can bring many challenges and that these are different for everyone. That's why our services are shaped around these varying needs, so we can help you improve your mental and physical wellbeing – as well as supporting your family or carer – in the way that’s best for you.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with a heart condition, or have experienced a heart attack and are now recovering, our dedicated team will provide all the information and advice you need to help you make sense of what’s happened. We’ll also provide practical support online and over the phone.

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Family Support Service

Our Family Support Coordinators are here to help you and your family as you navigate life with a heart condition. We always take the time to listen and understand your particular set of circumstances, so we can offer the personalised advice and support that you need.

This support is both practical and emotional support and there is no time limit to this service. Regardless of when you were diagnosed with a heart condition our Family Support team can help you to understand your condition better and help you to overcome any barriers you may be facing. We are on your side and just a phone call away.

You will receive an initial phone call assessment or home visit, ensuring that we can create the very best support plan for you.

Our support includes:

  • Information and advice on living life with a heart condition or caring for someone with a heart condition
  • A listening ear and emotional support
  • Signposting to other local services
  • A key point of contact for you and your family
  • Fast-track Referral to Advice Space for support with benefits
  • Support in liaising with your healthcare professionalsheart 

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John Dempsey

The support from NICHS was as important as the actual heart surgery for my return to normal life.

Our Heart Services


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