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Book a Health Check

Unfortunately we are currently unable to deliver our health checks due to COVID-19. If you are interested in enquiring about our health checks, please email and we will notify you as soon as this service is up and running again. If you are concerned about your health with regards to COVID-19 please read our latest information here.

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Well Checks

Our 'Well Check' is a comprehensive cardiovascular health check that can detect the early warning signs and hidden risk factors associated with avoidable chest, heart and stroke illnesses.

NICHS is the only local charity in Northern Ireland that offers a health check for Atrial Fibrillation, Blood Pressure and Cholesterol, as well as measuring your weight, body fat and lifestyle risk factors with other options available to suit your needs. We carried out 7,000 health checks during 2019/20 saving many lives.

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What's included in our Health Check?

  • Pre-health check and consent form
  • Lifestyle assessment (nutrition, physical activity, smoking, alcohol, stress)
  • Atrial Fibrillation / AF - irregular heartbeat
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Composition (body fat %, muscle mass, metabolic age & body water %)
  • Personal Reports
  • Supporting Information
  • Follow up support (if required)

Find out more about our Well Checks:

  • Our Health Check is:

    1. Personal and confidential face to face appointment with a skilled and caring health promotion specialist who will listen to you and support any changes you wish to make.
    2. High-quality based on scientific information that aims to detect early warning signs of heart disease or stroke.
    3. Informed by a pre-health check assessment and consent form that you will be asked complete before your health check and other terms and condition apply.
    4. Caring offering you same-day results with a more detailed personal health report sent to you by email after your health check.
    5. Supportive offering you information about healthy living and services and suggest you see your family doctor if we are worried about your risk factors.
  • Unfortunately we are currently unable to deliver our health checks due to COVID-19. However, if you contact us via the email below or by phone we will notify you as soon as this service is up and running again. If you are concerned about your health with regards to COVID-19 please read our latest information here.


    Tel: 028 9032 0184

  • NICHS, 21 Dublin Road, Belfast, BT2 7HB.

    Keep an eye om our social media platforms and website, as our Health Check Pop Up Clinics are held in other locations across NI too.

  • £25 pp (covers the cost of equipment and health check materials used)

    As we are a charity, we must cover the cost of these health checks which is usually £25.00 per person. We also use some of this money to fund mini health checks for people living in deprived areas across NI.

  • By living a healthy and active lifestyle you can reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke and help keep your blood pressure and cholesterol at healthy levels. Undiagnosed blood pressure, increases your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

    As Seamus discovered, sometimes high blood pressure has no warning signs which it is why is crucial that people know their numbers.

    Seamus says;

    I was completely unaware of this (high blood pressure) and I am very grateful to the NICHS Well Check for picking up this problem. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved.

    Hundreds of people like Seamus are uncovering hidden risk factors – don’t delay, a health check can prevent illness and save lives.

    The best way to protect yourself is to get your health checked at least once a year. Our Well Check may identify risk factors that could cause heart disease or stroke, so people can act and control of their own health.

  • "Very thorough examination, good explanation of results and follow up actions."

    "I was grateful for the health check because, unknown to me, I had high blood pressure and had no idea. So, because of that, I have had to be monitored at the doctor for about 3 months."

    • All clients are required to sign a consent form before availing of our health checks.
    • All information discussed, disclosed and assessed during the health check is treat confidentially and stored in line with general data protection regulations.
    • Clients who are currently taking blood thinning medication i.e. warfarin cannot avail of cholesterol and/or glucose tests.
    • Clients who are pregnant or/and have medically implanted devices such defibrillators or pacemakers cannot avail of body composition analysis.
    • Clients will receive personal results during the appointment with a detailed report provided after the health check via email.

Well Checks for Workplaces, Communities and Schools

We also provide bespoke Health Check packages for businesses, communities and organisations that are designed around your needs, with an organisational report provided on the health of your employees.

Our Health Checks are regularly updated in line with research and clinical guidelines and are carried out by our compassionate and professional staff who deliver a personal and confidential service.


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