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Dorothy’s Story

26 Feb

Dorothy Menielly, is 77 and lives in Larne, she had a stroke 2 ½ years ago losing the use of her left arm and left leg. The stroke caused blood poisoning and resulted in Dorothy having her left leg amputated from the knee. Following 4 weeks at Antrim Hospital Dorothy moved to Inver House in Larne to continue her recovery and finally moved home after 5 months in hospital. She has learned to use a specially adapted electric wheel chair and her house has been adapted for her disability.

Dorothy is very strong willed and determined to get on with her life. She lives alone and wants to keep her independence, so with home help and the support of the NI Chest Heart and Stroke weekly stroke group in Larne, she is staring to do just that. Dorothy says she loves getting out and about on her own, taking the electric chair around Larne Town Centre and is encouraged by how helpful everyone is, especially the young people. But she does miss the country dancing.

Find out more about the stroke support that Northern Ireland Chest Heart and Stroke offers.


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