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People’s Stories

Personal Respiratory Stories

A respiratory condition is not always obvious to other people; it is often referred to as an ‘invisible illness.’ Also, people do not always realise the impact respiratory conditions can have on a person’s life and the lives of their families and carers.

If you want to read about some of the people who have benefited from our groups, please click an image below.

Paddy’s Story

Florence’s story

Liam’s Story

John’s Story

Lilian’s Story

Lorraine’s Story

Billy’s Story

Mark’s Story

Brad’s Story

Felix & Mervyn’s Story

Joan’s Story

Jane’s Story

Malachy’s Story

Frank’s Story

Rosie’s Story

Bob’s Story

Helen’s Story

Fionna’s Story

Heart Attack Stories

Heart attacks can present in many different ways. Here some people share their stories of what happened to them. Click on the person’s name to read their story.

Geoff’s Story

Kevin’s Story

Joyce’s Story

Seamus’s Story

Gerry’s Story

Sean’s Story

Amelia’s Story

Tatty’s Story

Edmond’s Story

Harry’s Story

Neal’s Story

Victoria’s Story

Mark’s Story

Sinead’s Story

Gillian’s Story

Natalie’s Story

Sean F’s Story

Trevor’s Story

Cathy’s Story

Other Heart Stories

Click on the names below to read more heart stories.

Billy McClintock’s Story

Irwin’s Story

Patricia’s Story

Eileen’s Story

Cathy’s Story

Rachel’s Story

Julie’s Story

Valerie’s story

Wendy’s Story

A congenital heart disease is the name given to a heart condition you are born with. 200 babies are born in Northern Ireland each year with a congenital heart disease. Click on the names below to read the stories below.

Baby Joe’s Story

Grace’s Story

Sophie’s Story

Matthew’s Story

Chloe’s Story

Karen and Robin’s Story

Tom and Anne’s Story

Stephen’s Story

Priscilla’s Story

Stroke Survivor Stories

Eric’s Story

Tracey’s Story

Raymond’s Story

Christine and Alan’s Story

Jamesie’s Story

Philip’s Story

Eileen’s Story

Jacinta’s Story

Alicia and Joe’s Story

Dorothy’s Story

Louis’s story

Alan’s Story

PJ’s Story

Chris’s Story

Jean’s Story

Elaine’s Story

Margaret’s Story

Brian & Siobhan’s Story

Jane and David’s Story

Humberto & Linda’s Story

Jennifer’s Story

Mary’s Story

Robert’s Story

Benny’s Story

Chris’ Story

Geoff’s Story

Laura’s Story

Harley’s Story

Suzanne’s Story

Lisa’s Story

Daniel’s Story

Laurence’s Story

Tommy’s Story

Beverley’s Story

Ken’s Story

Annmarie’s Story

Birol’s Story

Charlie’s Story

Phil’s Story

Irene’s Story

Jim’s Story

Joan’s Story

Joy’s Story

Joanne Kelly’s story

Kim’s Story

John’s Story

Kathleen’s Story

Ronan’s Story

Linda’s Story

Judith’s Story

Aidan’s Story

Nabendu’s Story

Jim & Roisin’s Story

Alison’s Story

Carers’ Stories

Christine and Alan’s Story

Beverley’s Story

Jane and David’s Story

Humberto & Linda’s Story

Katherine and Mary’s Story

Jim & Roisin’s Story

Volunteers’ Stories

Sian’s Story

Martin’s Story

John Ross’s Story

Colleen, Cora and Timothy’s Story

Health Promotion Stories

James’s Story

Joan’s Story

Olga’s Story

James’s Story